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Greetings MIACADA Members,

It is my distinct pleasure to write this letter as your President for 2022-2023.  MIACADA is an exceptional organization working to support academic advising across our great state!  As we all know, academic advising doesn’t exist in a vacuum and having a network to support us as we work through the challenges of our profession is something we shouldn’t take for granted. If the past two and half years have taught us anything, it is that the support of the communities around us can make the hard days easier and the good days exceptional.   It is my goal as President to continue to build the MIACADA community and I am asking you to play a role in that growth.  

MIACADA has established two new ad-hoc committees and they are a great way to learn more about MIACADA and give back to advising.  The new committees are the Graduate Student committee designed to support current graduate student who want to join the profession and provide graduate students a voice within the organization.  The DEI committee aims to inform and promote inclusive practices and engagement with diversity, equity and inclusion in the work and structures of MIACADA. Should you be interested in joining either committee, please reach out!

In addition to these new committees, we will be continuing with the MIACADA meet-ups this year and soon we should be able to announce the location of the 2023 MIACADA Conference!

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to advising and MIACADA.  The work of the MIACADA board is for you, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, please reach out to any current board member.  

I hope to be able to connect with you at an event during the year and wish you an exceptional year!

Emily Reetz

MIACADA President


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