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Hello MIACADA Members,

My name is Adam McChesney, and for the next year I’ll be serving as your President of the Michigan Academic Advising Association. 

For this next year, I really only have one main outcome I want to achieve.  I want you to be proud to be a MIACADA member.  When somebody asks you what MIACADA is or what MIACADA does, my hope is you’ll have a lot to talk about.  You should be excited to be a member of this organization. 

One of the main reasons to be enthused about being a MIACADA member is the chance to attend the annual conference.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have that chance this past year.  This year, though, there absolutely will be a conference.  It may be an in-person conference; it may be a virtual online conference, but in some form, we’ll be getting together in 2021 to further the profession of academic advising here in the state of Michigan.

Besides the conference, though, we are at work planning some great initiatives for this next year we plan to roll out soon.  These new initiatives will strive to:

·         Provide a platform to showcase the intellectual talents of academic advising professionals in the state

·         Connect advising professionals and advising offices together throughout the state

·         Acknowledge talented advising professionals

·         Develop current and future academic advising professionals

There’s one thing above all else, though, that we’re hoping to do: include you!  We want your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and talents.  Your input matters in this organization.  My email inbox is an open door.  Anytime you have a though about something MIACADA can do to help academic advising in the state of Michigan… let us know!  Reach out to a board member, reply to an email from a Member at Large, or just email me directly.

admcches@oakland.edu is my email – use it.  I’ll take any thought, opinion, idea, or question you have.  MIACADA is your organization; help to make it the best it can be.

Looking forward to this year,

Adam McChesney

MIACADA President


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