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General Announcements

2019 MIACADA Mini-Grants

MIACADA will start accepting applications for mini-grants to support the purchase of advising related professional development resources beginning on May 15th thru June 28th. We have increased our total grant amount this year to $750. Examples of previously funded professional development resources include: Books, web recordings, newspaper subscriptions, NACADA pocket guides, and webinars. Specific guidelines regarding the mini-grants can be found here

Webinar: We have our Host Sites - Registration Open!

Academic Advising in an Era of Instant Gratification: The Pathway to Empowerment

MIACADA will be hosting a NACADA webinar on April 18th 2019 from 2:00-3:00 pm.


Registration for webinar is now open!!
Register here for webinar.

Our current host sites are as follows:
Wayne State University
Central Michigan University
Lansing Community College

View the Host Sites Details for Locations and Directions (PDF)

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2018-2019 President's Letter

Rachel Pawlowski

Greetings MIACADA Members!

It is an amazing privilege to serve as the President of MIACADA for the 2018-2019 term. I take on this role this year with much hope and positivity. Hope that the role of Academic Advising continues to grow as a profession and as a community. Positivity that those whom you have elected will continue to strive for excellence... Read entire letter

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Membership News

If you are interested in joining our organization for many wonderful opportunities and resources MIACADA has to offer its members.

- Our membership fee is only $15/year
- Membership is from May 1 through April 30
- Membership listing available upon request

The benefits of joining this organization include reduced rate for conferences/events, access to a state network of colleagues, and a voice in how this organization functions. Find out more

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Job Postings / Internships

Internship Opportunity

St. Clair County Community College
Port Huron, Michigan
Advisor Internship Opportunity

For details contact:
Scott G. Watson
Director of Advising and Articulation

Most job posting announcements will remain on the position page for approximately two weeks.

The following position(s) are currently seeking applications:

Grand Valley State University
Academic Advisor
Seidman College of Business

Michigan State University
Dean of Students Office

University of Michigan
CSE Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Program Advisor
School of Nursing

Wayne State University
Assistant Director, Multicultural Student Leadership Engagement

Academic Services Officer I/II
Program Coordinator, Study Abroad

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Events and Conferences

Dates to Remember:

NACADA Annual Conference—Louisville, Kentucky, October 20-23, 2019
Conference details here


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Webinar Events

MIACADA Webinars

Spring Webinar has been selected!!

Academic Advising in an Era of Instant Gratification: The Pathway to Empowerment

MIACADA locations details are still being worked through but expect to see sign-up in the upcoming weeks.

Webinar Details:
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Webinar Overview:
The rise of the digital age has brought transformation at both the individual and societal levels. With constantly changing forms of technology literally at our fingertips, we must continually learn new ways to access information and connect with one another. This 24/7 access to people and things all over the world with a simple click of a button has given rise to a culture of instant gratification. Expectations of rapid response have increased demands on education professionals, who are required to evolve with their students and “meet them where they are” whenever possible. Advising personnel daily face new challenges to meet student needs and often feel pressured to move at a pace that may feel too rapid to produce optimal outcomes.

Complete details about webinar can be found at: https://www.nacada.ksu.edu/Events/Web-Events/Web-Events-Coming/Web-Event-April-2019.aspx

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Applications & Forms

More information about our Membership application can be found here